Read how the Cost Plus Private Health Services Plan has benefited our clients

Daryl Goudie

Soundtex Interiors

My company has used Cost Efficient Benefit Plan (Cost Plus) since 2000. Previously we were on a small group plan where premiums of $9,000 to $10,000 a year were needed for approximately $5,000 in claims. The same claims now cost my company only 5% ($250) extra.

Al Golemme, RPA

Golemme and Associates, RPA

The benefits to both the employee and the small business owner are unlimited in regards to the medical services and the opportunity to provide a great compensation package. Cost Efficient Benefit Plan provides flexibility and competitive rates for both our clients and our office.

Melody Charlton

Just Wiz it Bookkeeping Inc.

I use Cost Efficient Benefit Plan for tax savings and have recommended them to my clients as well. A big PLUS is that it covers alternative drugs where regular plans do not.

Annette Star

Star Consulting Inc.

After using Cost Efficient Benefit Plan for myself and my employees, I have recommended this coverage to many of my corporate clients. I have seen significant savings as a result of the Cost Plus plan when I compile their tax returns.

Pete Elliott, CMA

Elliott & Company, CMA's

Hmmm... Tax deductible to the company but not taxable to the employee. Isn’t that what we’re always looking for? Most of our clients have enrolled with Cost Efficient Benefit Plan for their Private Health Services Plan needs.  

George Fazari CPA, CA, CFP

Fazari Professional Corporation

Cost Plus is one of those hidden treasures unknown to many small business owners that provide practical and affordable health plan coverage for the family, is tax-deductible to the business, and does not require a monthly financial commitment. I not only use the Cost Plus program for my own family coverage, but I've recommended the program to several of my clients who are extremely satisfied.

Art Magega

M & M Digital Inc.

I have used the services of Cost Efficient Benefit Plan for five years and they have always given me next day service. Keep it up.