Dear Clients and Friends,

We are now offering the 5% administration fee to ALL our clients, new and old.

We have reduced our enrollment fee to $100 and there is no fee to enroll employees.

We pay no sales people:

Our competitors have much higher overhead to pay, which is why their enrollment and administration fees are higher. Their enrollment fees vary from $250.00 to $350.00. Their administration fees vary from 10% to 12%. We believe we offer the best rates available.

What we are able to offer:

We have grown in the past with referrals. With continued support from you, our clients, we are able to offer these low rates with confidence.

We are thankful for any and all referrals you can make to those you feel would benefit from our services. We greatly appreciate all your kind words in pointing others to our website and phone numbers.

Thank you in advance.


Roy P. Olney
Cost Efficient Benefit Plan.

Email our brochure and refer your friends