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No Tax on Health Benefits

On February 1st, 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated in the House of Commons that there would be no new taxes on health and dental benefits for Canadians. 
“The Prime Minister says his government has no plans to tax Canadians on employer-provided health benefits, a declaration that came after mounting opposition to the move.”
Global News reported, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday that he will not enact a tax on health and dental benefits, after days of refusing to rule out the option. “We are committed to protecting the middle class from increased taxes and that is why we will not be raising [those] taxes,” he said during question period.”
We sincerely thank those who along with over 80,000 Canadians, shared their concerns with their elected Members of . 
As your PHSP Administrator we wish you a prosperous 2017 and look forward to providing you with cost efficient and tax-saving methods for today’s changing market through the best level of customer service possible.

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