HSA Plus – Easy Online Submission

Step 1

• Collect receipts.*
• Scan or take a high quality photo with your mobile phone.

Step 2

• Fill in the online remittance form and attach receipts in pdf or jpg format.
• Submit the online form.

Step 3

• Wait for confirmation email with total payable.
• Pay from your Company with Online Bill Payment or Email Transfer.

Step 4

• We receive your payment and your company receives an emailed statement.
• Employees receive their money within two business days!

Man: The process looks simple enough, but some of our employees might be concerned about privacy.

Woman: That's not a problem! Our employees can submit their claims directly to the HSA Plus team using the process on the left. A confirmation will be sent to our contact person without revealing any details from the claim.

* For quick and easy processing of claims, each receipt should show the patient name, service date, details of the service or products purchased, proof of payment, and practitioner name and credentials.

* Debit / Credit card slips are not valid receipts.

* Prepayment of services cannot be claimed until the treatment
has been provided.

Call us to make alternative arrangements for claim processing.