HSA Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

1This plan seems too good to be true, what's the catch?
No catch. We only charge 5% plus tax on any claim. The only other fee is a one time fee of $100 when you enrol.
2How long have you been doing this?
Cost Efficient Benefit Plan has been operating since 2000. We have representatives in Calgary, Edmonton, B.C. and Ontario.
3Do I pay the enrolment fee each year?
No. The $100 enrolment fee is a one time fee and employees are always free to enrol. Read more...
4How does the plan work?
We enable you to pay for your health expenses through your business instead of paying for them personally. Read more...
5What does tax free mean?
The funds you take out of your company, through our plan, to pay for your personal medical expenses are not considered income.
6What kind of expenses are covered?
Basically, everything performed or prescribed by a authorized medical practitioner is covered with the exception of cosmetic procedures and over the counter medicine. For a detailed list, click here.
7Who are my dependants?
Dependents of an Eligible Employee are defined as follows:

a) A spouse who is either legally married to employee or who is living with the employee and is publicly represented as the Employee's spouse; OR

b) Any member of the employee's household with whom the employee is connected by blood relationship, marriage or adoption; OR

c) Children over age 18 who are attending school
8Can I claim vitamins, herbal supplements, homeopathic medicaments, non-prescription drugs and other over-the-counter drugstore purchases?
No. The definition of "medical expenses" in the Income Tax Act does not include non-prescription vitamins and other medications (even though prescribed by a doctor) if they are not purchased from a pharmacist. The items must be prescribed by a medical practitioner and conjunctively recorded by a pharmacist as part of the prescription process. Ineligible items would include Aspirin, Advil, non-prescription eye drops, bandages, ointments, creams, etc.
9Is vision care an eligible expense?
Yes. Eye exams, prescription glasses and contacts are eligible.

Clip-on and other non-prescription sunglasses are not.

10Are cosmetic procedures eligible expenses?
Expenses must be for diagnostic, therapeutic or rehabilitative services. Some cosmetic procedures qualify if required for medical or reconstructive purposes and must be so stated in writing by your medical practitioner. Expenses incurred for purely cosmetic procedures are not eligible medical expenses. For example: Teeth whitening, liposuction, hair replacement procedures, botulinum toxin (Botox) injections, face lifts and breast augmentation. These and any related devices and services were disallowed under revised regulations effective March 4, 2010.
11Are my travel expenses eligible if I have to travel a long distance to reach a medical facility for treatment?
Travel expenses for the patient (and one accompanying individual where the patient has been certified in writing by a medical practitioner to be incapable of traveling without the assistance of an attendant) are eligible for the following distances:

1. Transportation: The distance traveled is 40 km (25 miles) or more and the expenses is incurred for a personal vehicle or paid to a person engaged in the business of providing transportation services (taxi, bus, etc.), or;

2. Travel expenses, including transportation, meals, lodging: The distance traveled is 80 km (50 miles) or more.

The expenses must be incurred under the following circumstances:

1. Equivalent medical services are not available in the patient's locality, and;

2. The route traveled is a reasonably direct route.
12How quickly can I get setup?
When you enrol, you can start making claims immediately, there is no waiting period.
13How fast is the claims process?
A typical claim is processed and finalized within two to three business days.
14How often should I submit claims?
Usually companies submit monthly, quarterly or annually, but you may submit as frequently as you would like with no extra fees.
15How do I enroll?
You can enrol online here. If you have any questions with the enrolment form, please check out the Contact Us page and contact your local representative.
16How do I pay the enrolment fee?
After submitting your enrolment online, a representative will contact you to make a one time payment of $100 + tax. VISA or MasterCard is our preferred method of payment.
17How do I make a claim?
You can make claims online here. If you have any questions with the enrolment form, please check out the Contact Us page and contact your local representative.
18How do I pay for a claim?
You can pay for your claim using online bill payment through your bank, Interac e-Transfer or by sending us a company cheque. Click here for more details.
19I have a receipt from before I enrolled, can I still claim that?
Yes you can! Corporations can claim expenses in their current fiscal year and previous fiscal year. Sole proprietors can claim expenses in the current calendar year.