About Us

Cost Efficient Benefit Plan is a Calgary based company. We offer third party administration for the Private Health Services Plan (PHSP).

We serve clients all across Canada from sole proprietors to companies with numerous employees.

Our History

Cost Efficient Benefit Plan began in August 2000 as a one-man extended service of R.P. Olney Insurance Services and has grown over the years to a staff of fifteen.

In 2008 we expanded our representation into Ontario to meet the growing demand of the Private Health Services Plan in eastern Canada.

In 2014 we added a representative in Edmonton to provide service to northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

In 2016, we added a representative in British Columbia to provide service to businesses in that area.

Our Purpose

We strive to provide our clients with cost efficient and tax-saving methods for today’s changing market through the best level of customer service possible.

We save our clients money through competitive enrollment fees and low processing fees.

Claims processing begins the same day we receive your claim.

Reimbursement can be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and statements sent by email for quicker turnaround of claims.