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June 6, 2017
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5 Insurance Policies You Shouldn’t Be Without

As the old saying goes, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” That’s as good a reason as any to invest in insurance to protect yourself and your family. Just going through a house fire myself, that old adage rings truer than ever. I was very glad I did have insurance and that everything was being taken care of by the insurance policy. That experience prodded me to examine other areas in my life where I should have insurance policies just in case. Below are five insurance policies I think everyone should have.


Do you want to protect your family and loved ones? That’s what a life insurance policy does. Get a policy that will pay off your bills, your house, get your kids through university and give a generous income to those you leave behind.


If you own a home, get a policy that will fully replace your house and contents and take care of you while that is being done. If you work from home, make sure your Insurance company knows that so you can be covered for your supplies. If you rent, you shouldn’t be without contents insurance.


Besides being the law in lot of places, it just makes sense if you own a car. You might be the best driver in the world, but that won’t protect you from the millions of bad drivers out there or theft. Always try and get the best insurance you can afford with the lowest premiums.

Balance Protection

How will you pay your bills if you loose your job or can’t work for an extended period of time? Get balance protection insurance on the credit card you use most so you can pay that off instead of worrying about it.

Health and Dental

Provide coverage for what your Province doesn’t. Business owners can turn their personal health costs into business expenses for themselves and their employees with a Private Health Service Plan.

Lastly don’t forget to review your policies every once in a while to make sure you are covered for what you need when you need it.

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